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This company was established in Turkey Many years ago and has become a leading company in its field as a result of the strength and efficiency of its products in the market.

It’s a company specialized in the production of engines that are used in cutting machines.

It can be installed in sawing and processing machines used in aluminum, plastic, marble and wood industries.

Therefore, these motors are very suitable for many sawing and processing machines to run many industries that the market always needs.



It is a leading company in the production and manufacture of vibrating motors for many years.

One of the most important criteria of the company is to create a successful brand by following up on industrial development and always innovating in the production of high quality vibrating motors at different speeds.

It offers electric vibrators used in many factories and production belts.

It can be used in brick making machines, feed and flour making machines.

They are highly efficient and bear hard work.

This was the main goal of the company, where the product is analyzed and tested by engineering and technical experts.



GAMAK was established in 1961 to meet the needs of the Turkish market in the production of electric motors on which the Turkish industry depends.

And in a short time, the company began to produce the first electric motor of Turkish origin.

Thus, Turkey began to dispense with importing engines and spare parts.

GAMAK has become one of the largest engine manufacturers in Europe and its products are available in more than 40 countries around the world.

Today, The company has become an integrated facility that produces all engine parts inside it.

Its main objective is to advance the industry and produce in line with the development of the times.


The company's production is based on low and medium voltage motors.

Which are used in factories producing chocolate, wood and iron cutting machines, packaging factories, stone saws and feed production belts.


The company seeks to provide triple engines with high specifications such as:

-All engine insulators are of F quality.

-It can withstand a temperature of 155 degree for a moment.

-The motor coil wires are insulated with double insulation G2.

-All motors operate at 50-60 Hz.


It also offers single engines with different capacities such as:

-Motors with two capacitors (mechanical capstor)

-Single capacitor motors without capstor.

Powers start from (0.18 up to 4 Kw).