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About US

About US

who are we? Al-Andalos Trading Company is the Middle East's sole agent for a collection of Turkish businesses and specialises in the sale of industrial, mechanical, and engine-related goods. We strive to offer cutting-edge industrial solutions and ship our goods to Egypt, and the Arab world. We provide premium goods and services to assist our clients in realising their full potential. We are proud of the services we provide as a business, and we look forward to collaborating with you and reaching long-term, sustainable success. We are excited to serve the Egyptian and regional markets from our present headquarters in Cairo.  

We are keen to manage our business efficiently and transparently, provide the best services and products to our customers, export our products to Egypt, Turkey and the Arab countries in a short time, and put customers at the forefront of our priorities. Our main goal remains to provide high quality service to our customers and establish strong ties with them.  

The goal that we constantly pursue is to meet the needs of the market, our partners, and our customers. We also aim to improve our services in accordance with market developments and modern technology. We constantly work to provide integrated and innovative solutions in the management of engineering and manufacturing businesses.  

About US

23 Years Of Experiences

Why Choose Us

Professional Team

A group of engineers providing a broad range of services, such as the provision of industrial supplies and materials for use, maintenance, and control. We are confident that our team holds the secret to the success.

Organize Work

We welcome communication with potential customers and partners in Egypt and Arab countries. To follow up on product maintenance, respond to inquiries and keep organizing work.


Being an exclusive agent for a group of Turkish companies in the Middle East, we are pleased to provide the opportunity for customers in various business fields in the industrial sector to benefit from our highly efficient products, and exports it to Egypt and Arab world.


We promise our clients the best support and maximum output from every product we provide, and make a commitment to upholding international standards and standard specifications while delivering the highest levels of quality, accuracy.