About US

  • Al-Andalos Trading Company has established in Syria in 2000 through a group of engineers specialized in the field of manufacturing, engines, and mechanics.
  • The company has expanded its market starting with coverage 100% of the Syrian market to the Arab market.
  • Al-Andalos Company has gained the trust of its clients where it opened the way for obtaining the strongest Turkish agencies specialized in the field of manufacturing engines, gearboxes, and industrial products and accessories.
  • The management of the company has transferred to Cairo in 2012 due to the importance of the Egyptian market, as it is the center of the Middle East and the Arab world.


We keen and strive to provide the finest material that meets the industrial needs within international specifications and at the best prices.


We always understand and consider that saving money comes through choosing a good product that serves you correctly and permanently, where it is doesn't need to be maintained and replaced as much as the non-good one, even if you pay some extra money.

Why Choose Us?

Professional Team

Our Engineer's work team is specialized in the field of industry, they have been selected carefully from the finest engineers in this field, they are capable of abreast of market needs and scientific developments in this field.

Organize Work

we grew up learning that the customer is the most important in business over the world, so we care and keen for his time, as well as keen to meet our agreed deadline with him, on time.


Our Monitor quality team is highly qualified and specialized in this field. Their duties are to check and achieve the excellent quality of our products and ensure that it is manufacturing defects-free before it is delivered to the customer.


Standards: We keen that our goods and products are manufactured from the finest raw materials and within international standards. Maintenance: Our professional maintenance team is consisting of a group of qualified engineers to meet maintenance operations quickly and mastery, as soon as possible.

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