Worm Gear Units (S Series)

Worm Gear Units (S Series)
Tip Tork (maks.) Mil Çapı
S 30 21 Nm Ø 14
S 40 42 Nm Ø 18
S 50 71 Nm Ø 25
S 63 145 Nm Ø 25
S 75 221 Nm Ø 28


Ratio range
7,5 d/d…100 d/d
Motor power
0,12 kW…3 Kw
Input options
Worm gear unit
Worm gear unit with ( IEC )
Worm gear unit with motor

Available in five different stages, the S Series provide optimal solutions for a large range of application. The aluminium housing of the gearbox and the gears technology is offering a perfect balance between power and space optimization.

Product Advantages:

  • Low vibration
  • Low noise
  • Multiple mounting positions

Download S-Serisi-Reduktorler-Katalog.pdf