Parallel gear units for hoist drums (IRC Series)

Parallel gear units for hoist drums (IRC Series)
Type Torque (max.) Shaft Diameter
IRCM 73 800 Nm Ø 45
IRCM 83 1500 Nm Ø 50
IRCM 93 3000 Nm Ø 70
IRCM 103 4300 Nm Ø 95
IRCM 123 7800 Nm Ø 110







Speed range
7 d/d…59 d/d
Applicable motor power
0,37 kW…45 Kw




Developed for lifting and hoisting technologies, the new IRC Series offer a large range of options and solutions. Composed of three steps of gears the IRC Series is available in five different sizes.

Product advantages:

  • High efficiency
  • Compact space saving design
  • Quiet operation
  • Long time lasting products, low maintenance
  • Large range of ratio and high service factors

Download IRC-Serisi-Reduktorler-Katalog.pdf